The Financial Services Industry

FinTech Articles of the Week 6/26/15

This week’s fintech picks cover the opportunities created from digital currencies, how the Fed launched the Faster Payments Task Force earlier this year and more!

Your Bank Should Be More Like Your Waiter and Less Like Your Landlord

“The financial services industry in America is locked into a business model of exploitation. For far too long, this has gone largely unchecked and unquestioned, even when advances in technology mean it doesn’t have to be so.”

Government Should Not Stifle Innovation in Digital Currencies, says Canadian Senate

Read how the Standing Senate Committee states the opportunities presented by digital currencies and the underlying technology far outweigh the challenges.

Discover How the Right Passion and the Right Tools Helped Alex Llorens Find a $300K Opportunity

This interview illustrates a day in the life of Business Development Manager Alex Llorens and why he went from using LinkedIn to using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

The True Cost of Moving Money

“At this point, there’s an agreed upon consensus that the core infrastructure by which we move money around the world needs a serious upgrade.”

Ripple Labs Elected to Fed Steering Committee for Faster Payments

Read how and why the Fed launched the Faster Payments Task Force earlier this year.