Chicago FinTech News – Female Founders Lead

Survey to Study Financial Planning Behavior in a Pandemic

Chicago wealth startup Genivity launched a behavior research survey, Financial Planning in a Pandemic-Driven Economy. The survey is designed to measure the consumer behavior and attitude towards long and short term financial planning in wake of the 2020 economic recession and a global pandemic. “This information will equip financial planners with a deeper understanding of what products, tools, and services are best suited for their existing and prospective clientele,” says founder and CEO Heather Holmes in a LinkedIn post. Take the survey here.

Silvergate Appoints Colleen Sullivan to Boards

Colleen Sullivan, CEO of CMT Digital, Chicago, sits on the board of directors for both the Silvergate Capital Corporation and its subsidiary bank, Silvergate Bank. Silvergage provides financial infrastructure solutions to the digital currency industry. Sullivan and her cofounders have focused on legal and investment in digital asset and blockchain technologies since 2013.

Serving Underbanked Consumers

Stephanie Klein of Chicago-based Braviant Holdings and Kevin Angeles or Evanston, Ill.-based Doyen Consulting discussed how FinTech firms like Braviant can help traditional banks better serve underbanked consumers through digital lending technology and advanced analytics. They appeared on the Breakfast Show, hosted by the 11:FS consultancy. Watch the reply on the 11:FS YouTube channel:

Illinois Fair Tax Amendment Would Support Entrepreneurs

Walker Sands CEO Ken Gaebler explained his thoughts on why passing the Illinois Fair Tax, a proposed amendment to the Illinois state constitution that would change the state income tax system from a flat tax to a graduated income tax, would be “great for Illinois entrepreneurs and small business owners.”  Gaebler has also put together a revenue model of how the flat tax has hurt minorities over the years.

“In my opinion, getting the Fair Tax passed in Illinois this November is the best thing I can do to respond personally to the Black Likes Matter movement,” he says. “The current flat tax, coupled with the rest of our regressive tax system in Illinois, is adding insult to injury to Illinois’ minorities.”

Machine Learning in Finance Textbook Published

Matthew Dixon, assistant professor of applies mathematics at Illinois Institute of Technology, and coauthors published Machine Learning in Finance: From Theory to Practice. The book was polling at No. 1 for the hardcopy and No. 4 for the Kindle edition in Business Statistics on Amazon, according to a July 26 LinkedIn Post. Igor Halperin, AI researcher at Fidelity Investments, and Paul Bilokon, PhD, visiting lecturer at Imperial College London, are coauthors.