This was a big week for blockchain. Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop Marketing, reports on the Consensus conference and the Token Summit. “Almost universally, people at these events were saying just how FAST things seemed to be progressing. The rate of innovation in various blockchains and solutions was mindboggling,” he writes, in a post full of good links to companies and announcements.

Why the blockchain needs more failures to succeed. Failure is not exactly a welcome word in financial service yet it is critical to innovation, yet there have been few major failures in the blockchain market, writes blockchain investor and author William Mougayar. “Failures are important because their sum results in a new body of knowledge that is rich with useful insights and best practices. An aftermath of real failures can make the whole blockchain ecosystem more resilient, because it will result in revealing the boundaries and realities of what’s possible, useful, absurd, impossible, repeatable and scalable; out of everything that appears plausible and innovative at the beginning.”